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01st July 2022.

Due to lack of sales on my mademe.uk shop

it has been closed down, please contact me about

any purchases on andrew@photoimpressions.co.uk or via the contact link on the front page.


30th of May 2022.

The next show will be at Southborough civic centre

on the 5th of June, all part of the Platinum jubilee.

All kinds of things happening!


15th of May.

A number of shows are coming up, the next one will be at Tonbridge castle on Sunday the 22nd.

10am to 3pm. 


2nd of May 2022.

'Colour Stream' page is now up and running more

of this abstract series coming soon!


13th of April 2022.

The photographs on Ebay have been removed due to lack of sales, but the shop link will still connect to

mademe uk. Next Saturday the 23rd of April I will be at the big red barn in Lingfield. Other dates and venues soon!

05th of march 2022.


On the 17th of March I will be at Coolings garden, knockholt. Free entry and under cover. It will be

photography only and for me a one day event.

30th of December 2021.


Over the past week two images have

been added to the web site.'Rain March', from a New years parade in London. And

'New Bond street Windows', taken at Christmas 2019.

17th of December 2021.


Finally got all of my art work home

and out for that god for saken



'Royal Victoria Place'. I was warned



by a number of visitors to the pop up



shop about it.



And now I will never



set foot in that palace again.



I still have most of the work that


was on display. I can deliver



free of charge before Christmas.  


16th of December 2021.


Due to a number of problems with 


the agreement at R&B I will be


pulling out of the shop of the


Royal Victoria Centre tomorrow


17th of December. Due to lack of


space in the car I will be giving



some of the larger artworks away


for free. Rather than destroy them.


This will have to be done before




07th of December 2021.

I now sharing a pop-up shop in the

Royal Victoria centre in Tunbridge

wells, Kent. This week I will be


there on the 8th and 9th of


December with more work being


added, including art work as well as





23rd of November 2021.


As from the 25th of November I



will be running a pop-up shop at



the Royal Victoria shopping centre


this will be open every day until


the 4th of January 2022.



29th of October 2021.


'Clash of Steel' was added to the web



site today, for all new work go to


the 'New Impressions' section of



this web site.


28th of October 2021.


'The Fade of Autumn' has just been



placed on to the web site. 


26th of October 2021.


'Beneath the Spring Moon' was added



today, can't remember when or where


it was taken. I do remember it was a



long hand held exposure!




25th of October 2021.


'In the Pink' was added to the



'Impressions of Dance'.

23rd of October 2021.

Just placed a rarely seen photograph


of traffic on the M25. Originally part of



the 25 colours project.



17th of October 2021.


'Under the Spot Light', has been



added to 'Impressions of Dance'. But



as mentioned before 'New



Impressions' is the page to go to



find what has been added over


the past year.The other image added



today was 'White Wash', originally




from the'Movement in the Garden'now




in the 'Moving London' section. 






16th of October 2021.



'School Boy Dreams', there was a time dreams of being an engine driver was on a lot of boys

minds. Rediscovered photograph now available to see. 


15th of October 2021.


'Guarden', has returned to the 'Moving London' project. Originally part of the 'Movement in the Garden'project. 

Check out the photograph on the 'New Impressions' page.  


14th of October 2021.


More 90's work, 'Pollution', a fish  gasps for air in polluted water. 


2nd of October 2021.


Anther 90's work, de-dusted. 'Doll

in the Attic'. A doll that my late

sister had, it had been sitting in my parents attic for years and one day I decided to take it out

and see if I could take some shots. As I

switched the attic light off and climbed down the

ladder I looked up and there was this black doll staring down at me!

Set up a camera and took a very long natural light shot right where the doll sat. This photograph will join the up and coming 'Plastic Shadows' section of the web site.





1st of October 2021.


Another rediscovered photograph,

dated from the mid-1990's. Part of the 'Plastic

shadows' project.

At present now on the

'Other Impressions' section, the 'Plastic Shadows'

project will return to

this web site.

27th of September2021.



Another photograph from the past,


now on 'Impressions of dance".


26th of September 2021.

Rediscovered photograph of St Pauls is now on the site.

Multi-exposure of the west side condensed in one shot! Taken in 2011. 

21st of September 2021.

I will soon be adding a D to some of my photographs. This will inform people that the photograph is either taken on a digital

camera or has been touched by the digital.

3oth of August 2021.

The Southborough 'art on the

common' is now over for another year.I did really well, with a mix of sales.


The next show is a new one.

Tonbridge dragon boat race, the art and craft set up will be on the main Tonbridge high street side with mainly other craft and art stalls. It's on Sunday the 5th of September.