It's been a long time coming, but I have finally sat down to do a non Facebook news page for everyone and not just Facebook visitors.

5th of January 2021.

Happy new year to all the visitors, work is still being added to my mademe.co.uk web shop. The shop on this web site will close, with the mademe links added. Also any photograph that's in the mademe shop

will have a mademe tag on the picture. 

28th of December.

Finally got round to sorting out some

of December 2019 photographs, now on

'New Impressions' and 'Autumn Colours'.

26th of December.

Despite the tier 4 restrictions R&B

jewelry at royal Tunbridge wells


are doing a click and collect, so


purchases are still available.


I have now also opened a web


shop at mademe.co.uk. Sale prices


until the end of December 2020.


This also includes free P&P


for the UK.  

14th of November.

R&B jewelry at Royal Tunbridge wells

shopping center will be holding a 20%

discount on everything in the shop, including

my photography and art work. This is

for 24 hours only.

16th of October.

I can now confirm that from the 19th of October 2020, my work will be appearing on the second floor of the Royal Victoria shopping center. It will be on display with a number of other artists. Photographs and detail will be reviled next week. Mean time I am now adding some of my work from

'I Remember the Sky' project.

'New Impressions' page will have them on display.


14th of November.

Tonight for 24 hours only R&B 

jewelry will be give a 20%

discount on   


11th of October.

News in today and it look that there may be a show happening in Royal Tunbridge Wells before Christmas. The shop section that is still  being worked on will also feature my painting and 3D printed work.

8th of October 2020.

Like with the world , it's been a bad year for my photography.

The Corvid crisis has cancelled all of my shows and the internet galleries have been no help. The 'New impressions'  be updated with work that hasn't appeared on this web site or rediscovered . Updates will be appearing on this page as well as links.